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Middle School Math

Middle School Math

Middle School -

Math is an amazing example of God's order in His creation. It is rich in numbers and set patterns, which are predictable just like our Creator-Designer. As the middle school students develop logical thinking in recognizing these patterns and precision in measurement and calculation, they will see God's truth and changelessness. The goal is to present the material in an orderly and fun way, with real-life application, so that each student is motivated to do his or her personal best.

 Pi Day

The earliest known record of pi was written by an Egyptian names Ahmes around 1650 B.C.

Through the centuries, the mystery of pi  intrigued mathematicians as they searched for a termination of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Computers have taken the ratio to over 50 billion digits - still without an end in sight.  At a somewhat bleak time of the year, we take a few days as close to March 14th as possible to study the history of pi along with some of its interesting facts and trivia. Games, contests, art projects, Biblical references, math challenges, and bubble math, along with pi rhymes and songs, make this an exciting unit. The room is decorated with pictures of pies and on the last day, we enjoy eating lots of pie and ice cream!