middle school

Middle School

Middle school education at Fox Valley Christian Academy is based on an instructional team approach built around a sound curriculum that encourages spiritual, academic, social, and physical growth. As students grow in their academic excellence, their educational experience is balanced with the development of lifelong learning skills and interpersonal relationships.

  • Middle School Math

    Middle School Math

    Math is an amazing example of God's order in His creation. It is rich in numbers and set patterns, which are predictable just like our Creator-Designer. As the middle school students develop logical ...

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  • Middle School English

    Middle School English

    The middle school English department actively engages our students in the art of reading and writing. As 6th graders we step into the life of Maniac Magee and walk, or run, through the streets of Two ...

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  • Middle School Social Studies

    Middle School Social Studies

    The middle school social studies classes at Fox Valley Christian Academy are structured to allow the students to explore history and the world we live in through the lens of a Christian worldview. ...

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  • Middle School Science

    Middle School Science

    Imagine it... The sky is bright blue, the water glistens, the colored leaves of fall surround you, birds are chirping, and sounds of happy people come floating to your ears Imagine it... The joy of ...

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  • Middle School Bible

    Middle School Bible

    The middle school Bible classes at Fox Valley Christian Academy are all about getting to know Jesus Christ and allowing His Word and His teachings to be a part of the student¹s every day life. As ...

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  • Middle School Computer

    Middle School Computer

    In Middle School Computer class, students become proficient with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. They continue to improve their keyboarding proficiency as well. In sixth grade, students learn ...

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  • Middle School Music

    Middle School Music

    Music is a gift from God and we're privileged to partner with Calvary Bible Church to have excellent equipment and facilities in which to steward that gift.  Each year in addition to learning lots ...

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  • Middle School Art

    Middle School Art

    Fox Valley Christian Academy Middle School students enjoy a rich art program and are introduced to a variety of media and methods.  The recent addition of a kiln has enhanced our Art program by ...

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  • Middle School Chapel

    Middle School Chapel

    Every week, Middle School students have the opportunity to worship God and learn more about Him through His Word.  In Middle School Chapel, students tackle the real issues facing today’s ...

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