Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

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Fifth grade is an exciting year with new experiences to help children transition from elementary school to middle school. Officer Gitter from the Neenah Police Department exhorts students to make wise choices concerning Bullying, Drugs, and Alcohol. He selects our school each year because he can speak freely about bringing God into our decisions.

Our Live It Bible Curriculum is designed for tweens (Ages 10-12). Students play games, role play, and discuss topics like Being a Friend, Gossiping, Building Character, Living Positively in a Media Age, Dealing with Anger, and Growing Spiritually. Our Biblical world view is not limited to Bible class and is integrated throughout all subjects. In science, our Christian Schools International curriculum is supplemented by inquiry units with hands-on labs.

In fifth grade our students study the effects of pollution within ecosystems. Each student assembles a terrarium and aquarium. We then introduce salt, acid rain (vinegar), and fertilizer to three experimental ecosystems. Students compare their controlled ecosystems to the experimental ecosystems. Literature Circles are also a big hit in fifth grade. Students choose the books they are interested in, learn and apply a weekly reading strategy, then discuss good literature with their peers. We also incorporate nonfiction reading including God's World News and topical readings.

Fifth grade at Fox Valley Christian Academy is a busy and interesting year!