Elementary Computer

Elementary Computer

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Computer skills developed in the elementary grades prepare students for expanded experiences in middle school. In both elementary and middle school, co-curricular units are often taught in conjunction with the classroom teachers.

In lower elementary classes, students begin developing proficiency with mouse control (kindergarten) and simple computer operations including painting (Tux Paint). Painting projects continue throughout elementary grades, as students create and illustrate a variety of writing projects. A graphic organizer (Kidspiration) is used to support reading, math, and classification skills. CD handling is taught as students solve I Spy Mystery puzzles.

Internet Safety is taught beginning in kindergarten, as students learn not to share personal information on the Internet. This teaching continues through upper elementary grades and includes making good choices when using the Internet, search skills, and website evaluation.

Keyboarding is incorporated in the first grade (Type-to-Learn Jr.), as students learn the basics of using two hands to type, progressing through fourth and fifth grades, where they study proper keyboarding position (Type-to-Learn 3). Excel is introduced in second grade, where students use a pre-existing spreadsheet to practice math facts. Counting money and making change are skills that are supported using a graphic organizer.

Microsoft Word is introduced in fourth grade, as is PowerPoint. Students continue to improve their keyboarding proficiency as they complete various projects. Students learn to take and insert digital pictures, and insert/resize clip art and other graphics. Drawing skills using lines and shapes are taught in both Tux Paint and Microsoft Word.