Fox Valley Christian Academy elementary school students engage in learning through a rich array of educational experiences. An integrated curriculum, developmentally appropriate enrichment activities, and an experienced, caring staff create an environment where students thrive spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Fox Valley Christian Academy employs specialists in the arts, physical education, computer, foreign language and reading areas.

  • First Grade

    First Grade

    First grade at FVCA is very busy! Our primary focus throughout the year is on reading, writing, and math. The reading program has a strong focus on phonemic awareness, phonics, reading strategies, ...

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  • Second Grade

    Second Grade

    In second grade we concentrate on a balanced approach to literacy. We do this by meeting in guided reading groups to focus on fluency, accuracy, comprehension, and establishing vocabulary. Students ...

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  • Third Grade

    Third Grade

    Third grade is a very exciting year as students mature and develop in their academics and spiritual walk.  They look forward to learning cursive writing and multiplication for the first time, and ...

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  • Fourth Grade

    Fourth Grade

    Fourth grade is a year in which students are learning more and more about taking responsibility for their work.  Students learn perseverance as they tackle increasingly difficult math concepts ...

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  • Fifth Grade

    Fifth Grade

    Fifth grade is an exciting year with new experiences to help children transition from elementary school to middle school. Officer Gitter from the Neenah Police Department exhorts students to make ...

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  • Elementary Music

    Elementary Music

    Music is a gift from God and we're privileged to partner with Calvary Bible Church to have excellent equipment and facilities in which to steward that gift.  Each year in addition to learning lots ...

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  • Elementary Chapel

    Elementary Chapel

    Every week, Elementary students have the opportunity to worship God and learn more about Him through His Word. Chapel serves as an extension of our Bible classes and exists to promote healthy ...

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  • Elementary Computer

    Elementary Computer

    Computer skills developed in the elementary grades prepare students for expanded experiences in middle school. In both elementary and middle school, co-curricular units are often taught in ...

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