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Preschool 4/5
Mrs. Mary Bankert
B.S., University of Maryland

Mrs. Carrie Thede
B.A., SUNY Plattsburgh State University
N.B.C.T. – National Board Certified Teacher

First Grade
Mrs. Kimberlee Hendrickson
B.S., Western Michigan University
M.A., Western Michigan University

Second Grade
Mrs. Alisa Jeske
B.A., University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
M.A., Marian College

Third Grade
Mrs. Debbie Lingnofski
B.S., Edgewood College

Fourth Grade
Miss Krista Wager
B.S., Northwestern College, St. Paul

Fifth Grade
Miss Connie Huebner
B.S., University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
M.A., Marian College

Mrs. Hannah Sattler
B.S., University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Physical Education
Mrs. Kay Veldhorst
B.S., University of Wisconsin - La Crosse